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- Have you eaten anything acidic e.g. orange, grapefruit or lemon in the last 30 mins?

- Have you just woken up?

- Do you need the loo?

- Have you weighed yourself today?

- Do you keep a daily record of your weight?

- Have you recorded your weight today?

- Do you have a food and excercise diary?

- Have you planned your excercise and food intake for the day and done what excercise and food intake that you have planned for today so far?

- Have you calculated your net worth today, and recorded it somewhere?

- Are you logged in to play Questbook?

- Have you played Questbook recently? (you can decide how often "recently" is)!

- Are you on a phonecall right now?

- Is somebody in your prescence asking for your attention or expecting you to do something else right now?

- Do you have a specific Quest in mind that you think Questbook should lead you to right now?

- Are you happy with the way you are washed and dressed?

- Do you have the responsibility to do any carework for anyone, (or any animals) right now?

- Do you know the time and place you will next sleep?

- Do you have any trades in the stock market / forex exchange that you want to check right now?

- Do you believe that everything counts?

- Have you completed a detailed healthy food plan of what you eat and when?

- Are you angry or really upset right now?

- Do you expect to go out somewhere sometime today or tomorrow?

- Do you share household food with anyone who is living with you?

- Have you heard of "TOPS" The One Percent Solution by Colin Turner?

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